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Volume 3, Issue 7 June 2007
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Dear John,
Don't forget, the next Triangle Neighbors' meeting is Wednesday, July 11th at 7PM at the LVCC Offices at 867 W Buckingham, Lower Level.  The meeting will be combined with CAPS beat 2331 meeting and will focus on neighborhood crime/safety issues.  
A special thanks goes to Stu from Winebar/Minibar who filmed this YouTube video highlighting how different Halsted Street can be late at night.
7:00PM    CAPS Update and Halsted Street Task Force
7:30PM    Triangle Neighbors' Meeting
See you there.
Halsted Street Task Force
Jim Ludwig, our Triangle President, was recently asked by a local reporter to provide some background on the formation of a "Halsted Street Task Force."  The article is a little long, but well worth the read on how our neighborhood is a different world late at night.  Jim's comments are re-printed here below.

The situation is somewhat delicate because we haven't figured it out completely yet. It doesn't look like a gay/straight thing at all because there seems to be both overlapping. There's sort of a bullying climate we are noticing and trying to reverse, some underage, but mostly twenties. We have quite an alarming influx of aimless, wandering youth in the neighborhood late at night along Halsted. They don't live in the area and don't come as business patrons, except for carrying around cups bought from the 7-Eleven and who knows what they're containing. It's pretty disconcerting and frustrating if you've witnessed it or been impacted by it.

The numbers are rather staggering as so many groups of often 5 - 10 congregate at the open corners and building entrances. They think nothing of sitting on car hoods and trunks, fighting, shoving and pushing amongst themselves, tossing their half empty "big gulp" plastics anywhere, not to mention the criminal breeding element for prostitution, drug dealing, vandalism and graffiti markings, as well as pick pocketing and muggings. It's gotten pretty out of hand in the time patrons are leaving the bars and it just doesn't feel safe late at night anymore.
The police are fully on notice and have cooperated in helping create a Halsted Street Task Force. Their efforts so far are trying to focus on an increased presence, better lighting in the "hot spots", and encouraging citizen patrols to help bring back the welcoming feel of the area. The social service providers are also fully on notice and looking at the problem. But they seem to be absent late at night and see their responsibility ending within their existing programs. They have come to the table with some surprise and fear like most of us. I don't see anything productive coming from my efforts to reach out to them for their assistance.
The CAPS programs are designed to address this but not yet successfully because they need better citizen participation. Commander Yamashiroya has increased foot patrol by adding a new 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. officer 5 nights, but the impact has not yet been great enough to reverse the momentum by this unwelcoming element.  Both resident and business communities need to activate resources to get control back on our streets from this bad behaving, gangly energy.
NAMA has created a safety committee to make recommendations to their board, but that has just gotten started. My immediate impression is that we will probably find some measure of success supplementing the police efforts with visible private security efforts. Their presence has shown some success in several other neighborhoods with this problem which is accentuated in our warmer weather. It's important to keep moving this element along to more appropriate territory and away from the immediate neighborhood. The unseemly behavior is counterproductive to a friendly environment.  We see blocking of the sidewalks, hanging out on the dark building stoops, excessively loud yacking, squatting and lounging on the flowering corner planters.  Sometimes the tenants wrongly blame the businesses for the noise and disruptions on the streets but its going to take cooperation and persistence.

In addition to the Halsted Street Task Force, the City of Chicago has released their report on 2006 Wrigley Neighborhood Protection
.   Remember, the next Triangle Neighbors' meeting is Wednesday, July 11th and will be combined with the 23rd District CAPS 2331 meeting to address both these issues.

July Neighborhood Events

July 2 - City Sticker and 383 Parking Permits Available
Visit the 44th Ward Office at 1057 W Belmont, bring proof of residency, and you can purchase both your City of Chicago Parking Stickers and your 383 Parking Permits.  As a reminder, all cars need to have the new stickers by July 15, 2007 or you can receive a ticket.  10AM - 6PM
July 5 and 6th - The Police - Concerts at Wrigley Field
The iconic band, The Police, play Wrigley Field for this two evening sell-out event.  Congratulations to Rick Cummings who won the LVCC Drawing for a pair of complimentary tickets.  The Chicago Cubs will have all neighborhood protections in place, including extra police coverage and no parking restrictions.  7PM-
July 7 - LVCC Music Fest
Temporarily relocated for 2007 to Ashland and Barry, Lake View Citizens' Council is proud to present its annual Music Fest.  Now celebrating its 6th year, this year's one-day fest includes alt-rockers The Guff and iconic post-grungers The Verve Pipe.  In addition to music, there will be food and craft booths.   The gate admission of $5 benefits LVCC.  12N - 10PM
July 8 - Lakeview Garden Walk
The 12th Annual Garden Walk is completely free and features hundreds of gardens throughout Lake View.  Jump on the complimentary trolley sponsored by Lake View East Chamber of Commerce and Central Merchants Association and come to Space Park for our complimentary lemonade stand.  12N - 5PM
July 11 - Triangle Neighbors and CAPS 2331 Meeting
Join Triangle Neighbors for our bi-monthly meeting that for the first time in memory will be combined with the local CAPS beat 2331 meeting.   The meeting takes place at the LVCC Office (867 W Buckingham Lower Level).   We will focus on issues on Halsted and Clark, the work we're doing at Space Park, and long-term development around Wrigley Field.   7PM - 8:30PM
July 21 - CLMA Rhythm of the Night
Come see this acting, song and dance spectacular on stage at High Risk Gallery.   Preceded by a cocktail party and reception, several Lake View theater groups will perform on stage.  Tickets are $10 at the door or in advance at the CLMA office.  6PM - 9PM
July 27 - An Evening at Wrigley Field
The Evening at Wrigley Field is back and tickets are limited to the first 500 guests.  You get to run and play on the field, enjoy ball park fare, and participate in a silent auction on Cubs Memoriabilia and Cubs Experience items (like throwing out the first pitch).  But you have to be there so get your tickets early.  Presented by Hi-Tops (which in 2008 will be the newest Harry Caray's restaurant).  Proceeds benefit LVCC and Chicago Cubs Charities. 6PM - 9PM.
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