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    Press release about Donation to Space Park

    The 94th General Assembly is now in its last month of session before adjournment and I would like to outline a few important pieces of legislation that I introduced, which recently passed out of the Senate. You can track all of these bills and more on the General Assembly website, Youth and Traffic Safety, Senate Bill 210 Throughout my long tenure in the General Assembly, I have been a vocal proponent of traffic safety legislation, especially when it affects our youth. Senate Bill 210 will require that any individual under the age of 18 who has an instruction permit or graduated license cannot use a wireless phone except to call law enforcement or other emergency personnel. This bill has already passed out of the Senate and will be up for a vote in the House very soon. The Environment, Senate Bill 254 Senate Bill 254 amends the Illinois Clean Indoor Air Act. It provides that a unit of local government or any municipality in Illinois may regulate smoking in public places. This bill will empower local communities and residents giving them the ability to decide for themselves whether or not smoking will be allowed in their restaurants, taverns, etc. Criminal Justice Reform, Senate Bill 469 Senate Bill 469 amends the Capital Crimes Litigation Act. Specifically, it allows the State Appellate Defender to provide legal advice and assistance to court-appointed counsel in a capital case. This bill will ensure that individuals on trial for their lives will have more legal advice throughout the trial, thus making the process more fair and just. SB 469 will be voted on in the House shortly. My new website has been a great success and I am always updating it to keep you better informed. Please visit it at On the site you can learn about some of my legislative issues, find your local community groups and much more. If I can be of assistance to you please feel free to contact me, or my office, at 773-883-0770 or at

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