Sheil Park Neighbors (SPN - now WLVN)

Sheil Park Neighbors recently merged with West Lakeview Neighbors in Fall 2008.

2008 LVCC and Branch Meeting Schedule

Revised Plans regarding renovation of Sheil Park

  • Current financial commitments as of March 2008 - $135,000
  • Goal of $250,000 by May 2008
  • Break ground Spring 2009
  • Play Spring 2009

Minutes from the March 2007 SPN Meeting
Minutes from the February 2007 SPN Meeting
Minutes from the January 9, 2007 SPN Meeting
Minutes from the November 14, 2006 SPN Meeting

From the 2006-2007 LVCC Annual Report

In the past year, Sheil Park Neighbors has continued to be active in the events surrounding the development at Ashland and Belmont.  Despite the development being in the West Lakeview Neighbors branch, we feel the scope will ultimately affect SPN area. 

The Chicago Cubs approached each branch late in 2006 with intentions of hosting a music concert in Wrigley Field during the 2007 summer season.  After some brief discussions concerning dates, times, acts, and city services - the neighbors were mostly in favor of supporting the event.  Originally, Dave Matthews was the anticipated act, but in the end it was booked with The Police.
The Southport 'el' stop was closed in April and will remain closed until April of 2008.  Neighbors have been brainstorming and idea-sharing during the stop closure. 
Throughout the year, SPN has worked closely with Alderman Tunney's office to hear from residents who come asking for building variances.  Usually, a suitable resolution is reached. SPN is continuing to work to find a location for additional park space in the area.  To date, no resolution has been reached on one of the last remaining possible locations on School Street. 
SPN is working with the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce to place informational kiosks along Southport.  No definitive time line has been set for that project. 
Elected President Chad Monteith had to step down in March due to a pending job transfer to Missouri.  Mark Woolard, the current Secretary, has assumed the Presidential duties until the next general election.

From the 2005-2006 LVCC Annual Report

For the second half of 2005 and the first half of 2006, SPN has continued to work with residents and Southport business owners to maintain a harmony for everyone.  Several variance requests were referred to SPN by the Alderman's office.  Each was asked to attend a meeting and present a case for the variance and was then voted on by the neighbors.  Sidewalk cafe size and placement were an open issue last year and continue to present challenges for 2006.  As well, speed bumps on School Street were discussed at several meetings, but in the end the neighbors did not favor installation of them.  The approved option was to install "speed limit" and "slow" signs along with trimming of the trees along the street.  Lastly, SPN is also engaged with the developers to reach a compromise for development of the property at Ashland and Belmont (albeit not in the boundary of SPN).

Remember, only members in good standing (dues paid) may vote on issues discussed in SPN meetings. As always, please invite your neighbors who may not receive this list to the meeting.

From the 2004-2005 LVCC Annual Report

This year, attendance to the branch meetings, which were moved in 2004 from Sheil Park to The Mystic Celt, has grown by over 50%. Mark Cozzi has made this improvement possible by getting an email list built and more effectively announcing the monthly meetings for those without computer access. We have also secured assistance from resident Mark Ford Woolard to be our secretary and developer of the SPN website.

SPN has been addressing the proposed development of the Craftsman Plating facility on School Street. This is our last opportunity to create a green space for everyone in the neighborhood, so we are trying to work with the owner to develop a park.

The Schoolyard Tavern has met with SPN several times to address neighbor concerns and ask for support on a re-zoning initiative. For the most part, SPN is not against the re-zoning.

Increases in criminal activity in 2004 prompted SPN to invite the CAPS officer to speak to the neighbors. The residents appreciated the helpful tips.

At SPN request, the Alderman is sponsoring a commission to study the traffic on School Street. It is generally believed that School is used as an alternative to Belmont and creates unsafe conditions in the neighborhood.

LVCC is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization, and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed under the law.
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